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Summer Hao

Summer Hao is a freelance illustrator from China who loves working on children's publishing, editorial, and advertising market. She uses both traditional materials and digital media to create illustrations. Her works always have rough, textured brushes and rich, highly saturated color. 


For Summer, every illustration creation is a dialogue with herself, an attempt, an exercise and a challenge. She hope her works can bring warmth to the world, bring a touch of comfort to people who are busy and hard working, and give people who like to be alone a vehicle to resonate. She want them the people who who feel isolated to look at her art and realize that they aren’t truly alone. That someone feels or has felt the way they do, and that there’s something beautiful out of life one can find nonetheless.

Get in Touch

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We Chat

QQ: 511380333



BFA- Digital Media

Beijing University of Technology


MFA- Illustration

Savannah College of Art and Design


  • Merit Award in 3x3 Illustration Annual

  • Honorable Merit Award in 3x3 Illustration Annual

  • Applied Arts Student Awards

  • CQ59 Winners

  • Selected for the edition of Port City Review

  • Selected for Graduate Illustration Anthology

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